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Work - Radiator


Choreography: Hilary Easton
Performer-Collaborators: Alexandra Albrecht, Michael Ingle, Jessica Weiss
Music: Robert Fleitz, John Godfrey*, David Toop*
Video: Tei Blow and Hilary Easton
Costumes: Márion Talán

Gibney Dance
280 Broadway (enter 53A Chambers Street)

Tickets: $15-$20
Box Office: 646-837-6809
Questions: boxoffice@gibneydance.org

Radiator whispers rather than shouts. That’s not to say it’s forgettable or weak. Instead, its radiance and poignancy reside in its tranquility. In a time of grandeur and constant distraction, Radiator demands we slow down to see the beauty that is often right in front of us.

Trina Mannino The Dance Enthusiast
May 17, 2017
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...upon close inspection, we realize that Easton has just resisted society’s appetite for overstimulation and immediate gratification. By persisting with quiet, refined movements and building speed and complexity more gradually, the smallest moments of dynamic change become unexpectedly magnified. We as the audience become students, hoping to understand Easton’s creative formula. 

Jen George, The Brooklyn Rail
June 1, 2017
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Radiator is a dance and video work choreographed by Hilary Easton and performed by renowned downtown dancers Alexandra Albrecht, Michael Ingle and Jessica Weiss. A meditation on beauty and the sublime, the work examines the way a dance can be simultaneously hushed and powerful. By establishing an atmosphere of reserve and intimacy, Radiator invites the audience to examine truths about both the performers and the dance itself. The work features video created by Ms. Easton in collaboration with Tei Blow.

Radiator was made possible, in part, due to the generous support from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, The Mertz Gilmore Foundation, The Harkness Foundation for Dance, the Gibney Dance performance initiative, and many individuals.

*Courtesy of the Quiet Music Ensemble


© Hilary Easton 2006